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FAQ: How do I email my resume to recruiters?

Choose from more than 37,000 search professionals. You select industries, positions, and desired salary, upload your resume and cover letter, and we will send your resume to all the recruiters you select for only $99.


Here’s how this option works:

1) First choose the search professionals that match your job hunt requirements. Pick up to three industries, three positions and your desired salary. Then click on <Submit Search> to see how many recruiters match your needs. You can adjust your criteria as many times as you wish before you place your order.

2) The system will display a record count which is the number of recruiting professionals that work with your industries and positions. You can adjust your criteria as many times as you wish before you place your order.

3) Upload your latest resume and cover letter. After you purchase the email distribution, you will be asked to upload your cover letter and resume.

4) Your email letters and resumes will be sent to the recruiters you select within three business days after we receive your order. Your email will be addressed individually to each recruiter, maintaining that ‘polite fiction’ that you are sending only that one email to that one search professional. 

5) If you wish, you can also purchase the contact information for the recruiters you select.


Explore the Email Your Resume Option Now Without Charge

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